St. Raymond's City Council

Schools and Teachers

UrbanPlan aligns with state educational content standards. All teachers on the curriculum development team teach in traditional classrooms in traditional public schools.

Schools and Teachers

ULI New York’s UrbanPlan Schools

We are currently volunteering with students from the following schools:

  • Urban Assembly School for Design & Construction
  • Brooklyn Technical High School
  • St. Raymond High School for Boys

New York District Council is grateful for the support of its UrbanPlan teachers and school administrators.

UP Revised Curriculum

UrbanPlan Revised Curriculum – Teacher Training Webinar  from ULI on Vimeo.  This video is for trained UrbanPlan high school teachers, District Council Chairs and UrbanPlan staff who work with teachers, classroom materials, teacher and volunteer schedules.  Teachers will learn all content and format modifications that affect pedagogy and student outcomes.

Is UrbanPlan right for you and your students?

Every teacher teaching UrbanPlan has asked the same questions you are probably asking yourself now:

  • Can my students perform optimally on their standardized and/or AP tests if I incorporate UrbanPlan in my curriculum?
  • Will the value of the student takeaway be commensurate with the 15 class hours the program requires?
  • I teach 3 to 5 classes a day. I have no time to recruit or manage volunteers and no budget for any materials. Can a real teacher in a real school do this?

These teachers, including those in some of the country’s most demanding high schools have answered “Yes.” Additionally, over 98% of all teachers who introduce UrbanPlan in their curriculum continue teaching the program. Since its introduction in spring 2002 through spring 2011, UrbanPlan has reached over 20,000 students in 14 states.