Real Estate Tech and Innovation Council

Real Estate Tech and Innovation Council


The mission of the ULI New York Real Estate Technology and Innovation Council is to create a forum where real estate industry leaders, technology providers, and land use policy makers can collaborate to promote technology solutions and innovations that move our communities and cities forward.

Goals & Objectives

  • Provide a platform for knowledge-sharing, discussion, brain-storming and problem solving among real estate and land use industry leaders, current and prospective providers of technology-driven solutions, and land use policymakers.
  • Facilitate exploration of real estate and land use applications for new technologies, including applications relevant to investment, development, construction, property management, design, public sector and service provider users.
  • Promote greater understanding of the opportunities and constraints relative to providing enterprise solutions to real estate corporations and land use institutions.
  • Provide a forum for disseminating best practices in data management, cyber security, and technology infrastructure management with respect to real estate and land use technology solutions.
  • Support the growth and development of real estate technology startups by providing exposure and access to real estate and land use decision makers.
  • Foster collaboration between the real estate and technology industries and the public sector to encourage the adoption of sound land use policymaking and administration that embraces emerging technology and innovation.


Andrew Flint, Co-Founder, Occupier
Sterling Jawitz, Head of Real Estate Partnerships, Common
Ian M. Marlow, Founder, FITECH

Get Involved

To get involved with the Real Estate Technology and Innovation Council, please contact Chris Karakul via e-mail at or call 216-407-4743 for more information.