Young Leaders Group

The Young Leaders Group consists of ULI New York members under the age of 35 who want to be actively involved in shaping the built environment and the future of the real estate industry in the region.

Young Leaders Group

The Young Leaders Group (YLG) consists of ULI New York members under the age of 35 who want to be actively involved in shaping the built environment and the future of the real estate industry in the area.

Founded in 2003, the Young Leaders Group of New York has close to 1,000 members who enjoy events throughout the year designed specifically for them and by them, in addition to those offered by the New York District Council. The Young Leaders Group includes a diverse group of real estate professionals and students, including architects, engineers, financial analysts, city planners and lawyers.


To create a unique setting in which tomorrow’s New York industry leaders may interact, both professionally and socially, with today’s industry leaders and each other.

ULI NY YLG Committees 

The Young Leaders Group at ULI NY is known for having an active calendar.  As such, the YLG Programming Committee is integral in organizing events and programs, and delivering timely and relevant content to our member base.  Through its five sub-committees – Secrets of Success, Peer to Peer, Mobile Workshops, Socials, and Out & About – the YLG Programming Committee provides an opportunity for a collection of motivated volunteers to create programs that allow our membership base to cultivate a network, while improving both their personal and business acumen.

  • Secrets of Success are intimate unscripted events that allow YLG members to have access to, learn from, and ask questions of influential leaders in the real estate community.
  • Peer to Peer are programs that offer the opportunity to discuss issues that real estate professionals and the industry face each day.
  • Mobile Workshops are unique opportunities to have an inside look at interesting projects or emerging neighborhoods and are guided by industry professionals.
  • Socials are gatherings intended to provide YLG members with a medium to meet other young professionals and develop their network.
  • Out & About are informal networking and volunteer opportunities that allow our Young Leaders to give back to their local community.

The Outreach Committee seeks to recruit new membership throughout New York, while also increasing ULI’s involvement and recognition in the local community. Committee members also act as a welcoming ambassadors who help new and future YLG members get involved and experience the many benefits of ULI.

Cultivating a strong relationship with the YLG membership base is a key component to ensuring that our members are, and remain, engaged.  The Membership Committee will become intrinsic in providing a positive member experience.  Committee members will be a conduit between ULI NY’s leadership and the YLG membership base.

Ensuring that the goals set forth by the YLG leadership, the programs offered to our membership base, and the opportunities to get involved are appropriately conveyed is essential to the success of the Young Leaders Group.  The Communications Committee is responsible for delivering information about upcoming programs to our members, as well as ensuring that the local real estate community is aware of what has been happening within the organization.  Consistently conveying the YLG experience through several forms of media will help increase ULI NY’s visibility within the industry.

Professional Development
ULI is known for its development and delivery of educational content to its members.  The Professional Development Committee will be responsible for creating educationally-based programs and series that will be available to our members throughout the year.  This will include partnerships with local institutions and a focus on profession skill development relevant to the real estate industry.

Executive Co-Chairs
The YLG Executive Co-Chairs oversee the operations of each committee to ensure that the current vision of ULI is appropriately disseminated.  The Co-Chairs are also responsible for further development of the vision and goals of YLG as it operates in the New York market.

Getting Involved

Interested in a YLG leadership position? Interested in joining a YLG Committee? General Questions? Contact Sam Mullins 

Are you a current ULI New York member who is under 35?  Are you interested in attending ULI New York events at no cost? Become a blog writer! To learn more about writing a blog post recapping one of our events, contact Sam Mullins