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2013 ULI Annual Report Released

2013 ULI Annual Report Released 

Annual Report CoverAt ULI, it is not just the buildings, neighborhoods, and cities we develop that inspire us, it is the people and the lives they create in these places every day.

Our Annual Report reviews the work of ULI over the past financial year, but, more important, recognizes the impact our members have made on their communities.​

2013 was a busy year for ULI — even by ULI’s standards. We expanded our partnerships with organizations outside the industry that share our commitment to excellence in community building. Our centers reinforced ULI’s tradition of knowledge sharing through research and programs that focused on such key areas as housing, infrastructure, sustainability, public leadership in land use, capital markets, and reaching the next generation of real estate professionals. More efficient, responsive governance structures were put in place for the Institute and the ULI Foundation. Together, all of this advanced ULI’s mission locally and globally.

We hope you find our 2013 Annual Report informative and enlightening. While the report is a 12-month snapshot in ULI’s history, our work continues on many of the land use issues it highlights.

Read the report at here, or download it on the Urban Land magazine app.

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