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Energy Efficiency: ULI Wants Your Opinion

Do you make budget or investment decisions that make buildings more energy efficient? ULI’s Energy Efficiency Indicator survey provides unique market insight into how real estate professionals view energy efficiency investments in buildings across global markets.

The 2013 survey is under way, and ULI is seeking input from executives and building owners who make energy management and investment decisions in commercial and public sector buildings. The survey is a component of ULI’s Climate, Land Use and Energy (CLUE) Initiative and will directly inform future ULI programs and research.

Some of the many market insights provided by the survey include:

  • How do real estate professionals gauge their upcoming investments in building technologies?
  • How do government initiatives relate to efficiency investments across global markets?
  • How does the evolution of professional knowledge compare across international markets?
  • Which building efficiency markets are “on the move”?
  • What are the energy management characteristics of high-performance real estate organizations?

The survey is open through April 5, 2013, and results will be published in June 2013. The 2012 survey results are available online.

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