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Four Awards, One Deadline: Apply Today

2014 ULI Awards Call for Entries

Be recognized by one of ULI’s prestigious awards programs in 2014.

Apply now or nominate a colleague who has designed or developed an exceptional project or program that you think is deserving of recognition.

These four programs are open to all, not just ULI members.

The Deadline

Submissions for all four awards programs are due Feb. 14, 2014. Visit www.uli.org/awards for applications or more information.

Now Accepting Submissions

The ULI Global Awards for Excellence define the standard for real estate development practice worldwide. In its 36th year, the program is the centerpiece of ULI’s efforts to identify and promote best practices in all types of real estate development from around the world. The awards recognize the full development process of a project—construction, economic viability, marketing, and management, as well as design.

The ULI Urban Open Space Award celebrates and promotes the creation of transformative and thoughtful public open spaces both big and small. In its fifth year, this award is not meant to be a landscape architecture or urban design prize; rather it is intended to honor the impact of the open space—from the look and feel of the space and how intensively it is used to its economic and social impact on adjacent communities. The winner of the award receives a $10,000 cash prize.

Questions? E-mail awards@uli.org.

Accepting Submissions Beginning in January

The Jack Kemp Excellence in Affordable and Workforce Housing Awards recognize and honor exemplary developments that demonstrate creativity in expanding housing opportunities for America’s working families. New this year, the 2014 Jack Kemp Awards will honor developments that ensure housing affordability for a range of incomes, particularly for households earning below 120 percent of area median income (AMI).

The Robert C. Larson Housing Policy Leadership Awards recognize exemplary state and local programs, policies, and practices that support the production, rehabilitation, or preservation of affordable and workforce housing. States and localities can undertake a broad range of policy and administrative initiatives to support housing affordability. New this year, the 2014 Robert C. Larson Awards will recognize innovative state and local policy initiatives that provide ongoing and sustainable support for affordable and workforce housing.

Questions? E-mail terwilliger.award@uli.org.

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