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Learn Online: The Why and How of Public Private Partnerships

Learn Online: The Why and How of Public Private Partnerships

Understanding potential deals through the eyes of public officials, and knowing how to access the tools available, are key prerequisites to meeting the self-interests of both the public and private sides in a development deal.  This new ULI webinar will give you the understanding and competencies to engage productively in that conversation.

This program will describe why public private partnerships are so critical to successful development today by providing several case study examples illustrating different aspects of the practice.  The webinar materials will include a download of background material and models that provide a perspective on how you can pursue opportunities for these transactions in the real world regardless of whether you approach these from the public or private sector perspective.

This two-hour online course will be held on March 26 and led by Charles A. Long, a West Coast developer specializing in mixed-use infill projects.

Register today.

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