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Stuart Brodsky Welcomed as Co-Chair of the Sustainable Building Council!

Stuart Brodsky, visiting clinical professor at NYU’s Schack Institute of Real Estate will join Anne Fletcher, Principal, Zyscovich Architects as co-chair of ULI New York’s Sustainable Building Council.  Brodsky currently lectures on Sustainable Real Estate Development at NYU and is a long-time industry leader in Sustainable Real Estate.

Stuart Brodsky, formerly senior manager of global sustainability for GE Capital’s $80 billion real estate investment portfolio, has been a central figure in the real estate industry’s transformation to sustainability. Prior to his position at GE, Stuart launched and led the US EPA’s delivery of the ENERGY STAR program to commercial property markets. Among the results of his work is that the NYC local law 88 (and multiple other governments) require use of the ENERGY STAR benchmarking tool as the energy reporting mechanism.  He received his Bachelor of Arts in English at Hobart College and Masters of Environmental Design at Yale School of Architecture.

Comprised of a select group of large New York City landlords, investors, managers and sustainable development consultants, ULI New York’s Sustainable Building Council has as its primary purpose the “greening” of New York’s existing building inventory and sharing best practices in sustainable real estate and land use efforts.  On February 6th, the Council met with Levan Nadibaidze and Hilary Beber, Policy Advisors for the Mayor’s Office of Long Term Planning and Sustainability on February 6th.  Nadibaidze and Beber presented and received feedback on the City’s recommendations related to buildings and the real estate market i in accordance with New York’s 80×50 initiative.  The 80×50 initiative aims to reduce carbon emissions by 80 percent from 1990 levels, by the year 2050 (“80 by 50”), and improve resilience to climate change in all the state’s communities.

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