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Swim in the Shark Tank at the Fall Meeting

Shark TankThe ULI Fall Meeting has many programs to appeal to professionals in every sector of the real estate industry. The Shark Tank session is scheduled for Thursday, November 7, 2013, from 3:30 to 4:45PM.

You can pitch your real estate investment proposal to a celebrity panel of investment professionals (“sharks”) – one of whom is Robert C. Lieber, Chair of ULI New York. Take advantage of this opportunity to submit an investment proposal and gain insight into the decisions of an investment committee. It will be a chance to test the waters and receive valuable feedback.

The Shark Tank session will feature 2-3 investment proposals that are seeking capital to high level industry leaders. They will use their knowledge and experience to critique and possibly support exceptional proposals! ULI is looking for individuals interested in presenting a project at the Shark Tank session and emerging Managers are encouraged to submit a proposal.

Further instructions on submitting a project abstract are located on the ULI Fall Meeting site. Abstracts are due October 11, 2013.

Please find the list of attendees and complete schedule for the 2013 ULI Fall Meeting at the links above.

Join ULI in Chicago for the 2013 Fall Meeting!

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