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Technology and Real Estate: Changing Cities and Engagement


This video is based on interviews with speakers at the ULI Spring Meeting in San Diego.

As cities continue to grow up around these technology companies, new and innovative ways of local engagement are emerging. Technology startups, like Popularise and Fundrise (see video above), are being used to engage community members beyond traditional town hall meetings. These types of websites not only allow the public to create a common vision for a development, but also gives people to opportunity to become an immediate stakeholder. This changes the way we invest in developments and connect with the public while erasing the boundaries between real estate and the consumer.

The ULI Fall Meeting will further explore the intersection of technology and real estate through such sessions as From #$!@ to Shinola: Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Revitalizing Cities.


Join ULI in Chicago for the 2013 Fall Meeting!

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