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2013 Hines Competition Winner Announced

The Winning Team with Mr. Hines

A joint team of graduate students representing Kansas State University, the University of Missouri-Kansas City and the University of Kansas earned the $50,000 top prize in the 2013 Gerald D. Hines Student Urban Design Competition. The team edged out other finalists with its proposed development plan for a Minneapolis site near the Minnesota Vikings Stadium.

About the Winning Design

Entry Title: The Armory
Award: Winner
Team Number: 1155
Schools: Kansas State University, University of Missouri at Kansas City, and University of Kansas

The Armory is a vision for Downtown East Minneapolis that transforms a rigid, undesirable economic condition of surface parking and billboards into a dynamic, livable urban district. The Armory – currently an underused historic structure – becomes the symbol of identity and place for this revitalized area. Armory Green emerges as the city’s first iconic open space that integrates the Armory building, the Skyway system, a subterranean parking ramp, and a distinct retail experience. This open space serves as a catalyst for the surrounding Armory development to absorb a rapidly increasing downtown population.

The Armory is grounded in the market realities of Minneapolis with strategies that capitalize on concurrent activity to create a desirable place to live in each phase. This district caters to a diverse demographic that aspires to live a sustainable lifestyle – one that is vibrant, resilient, and fulfills the desire for Minneapolis to become a model for urban living.

Finalist Stage Presentation Board
Finalist Stage Pro Forma

Full Narrative Summary
Competition Stage Presentation Board
Site Plan

Kevin Cunningham, Master of Landscape Architecture (Team Leader) (KSU)
Kylie Harper, Master of Landscape Architecture (KSU)
Derek Hoetmer, Master of Landscape Architecture (KSU)
Lauren Brown, Master of Architecture (KU)
Tyler Knott,  Master of Business Administration (UM)
Faculty Adviser: Jason Brody (KSU)

For more information about the competition and all finalists and honorable mentions, click here.

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