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ULI NY & PCAC OpEd: Albany must not repeat its mistakes with the MTA

An Op-Ed by ULI New York Executive Director, Felix Ciampa and William Henderson, Executive Director of the Permanent Citizens Advisory Committee to the MTA appeared in Crains New York today urging lawmakers to fully fund the $32 billion capital program the MTA has proposed to meet its needs. The $14 billion gap in funding that currently remains will not allow the MTA to handle the stress of climate change and increasing ridership, among other unprecedented challenges. This Op-Ed is a continuation of ULI New York’s advocacy around sustained investment in our region’s transit network. Earlier this year, ULI New York’s Infrastructure Council published a study, Keeping New York on Track, which outlines the broad benefits that the MTA capital program brings to the New York metro region, while highlighting the risks of disinvestment. To view the study’s website, go to www.keepnyontrack.org .

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