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ULI NY Offers Technical Assistance Panels to Areas Affected by Hurricane Sandy

ULI’s Hurricane Sandy Task Force met to address the issues of Climate Change, Sea Level Rise and challenges of rebuilding devastated communities following last month’s storm.

ULI New York Chairman Richard Kessler said, “We are pleased to offer ULI’s experience and expertise as the region starts the rebuilding process.  We look forward to working closely with our members throughout the region to determine where and how we can have the most beneficial impact. We are planning a coordinated effort that will draw upon the best thinking from our land use and urban development experts and that will enable communities to rebuild in the smartest ways possible.”

As part of this initiative, ULI New York will distribute copies of “Principles for Temporary Communities,” a report containing information on best practices in developing an advanced plan for housing evacuees in times of crisis, and getting them back on their feet in the months that follow. ULI New York will also offer Technical Assistance Panels to communities in the New York region affected by Hurricane Sandy. These Technical Assistance Panels (TAPs) will bring the expertise of ULI real estate professionals including owners and developers, investors, designers, engineers, planners and other industry leaders, into local communities in a one-day, pro bono consultation service to local governments and non-profits. These panels will provide critical information and tools on topics including Master Plan concepts, achieving a broader tax base, market feasibility and financial structuring and other topics that will help them to move forward with their projects.

Communities interested in conducting a Technical Assistance Panel to address public restoration and rebuilding following Hurricane Sandy, should contact:

Sarah Krautheim, Senior Associate, ULI New York at (212) 255-5306 or by email at skrautheim@uli.org.

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