Tri-State Land Use Council

Tri-State Land Use Council

The Tri-State Land Use Council (TSLUC) is a regional partnership between ULI’s New York, Westchester/Fairfield, and Northern New Jersey District Councils that provides elected and public officials with a nonpartisan platform for networking, learning, and collaborating to address issues related to land use policy, including: urban and suburban growth, economic development, housing, transportation, and market trends. Participation is offered exclusively to mayors, city managers, and other appropriate elected representatives; as well as public officials in planning, economic development, housing, and transportation who serve within the Tri-State metro region.


Provides an opportunity for regional public officials to:

  • Convene on a regional, multi-jurisdictional basis in a closed-door setting.
  • Curate agendas for discussion with peers on topics of interest to your jurisdiction.
  • Learn best practices in real estate development for promoting regional economic competitiveness and strategies to attract development for the wellbeing of your jurisdiction and the region.
  • Draw upon ULI’s best practices, resources, and expertise for solutions.
  • Build relationships with a trusted network of regional officials and identify opportunities for cross-jurisdictional collaboration.


Discussion topic areas include:

  • Leveraging real estate for economic development
  • Creation of complete communities
  • Economic vitality
  • Regional market trends
  • Office/industrial park conversion
  • Tax policy
  • Commercial corridor redevelopment

TSLUC Steering Committee

Art Collins, Collins Enterprises LLC
Robert Paley, MTA
Jennifer Rimmer
Eric Rothman, HR&A
Anne Studholme, Post Polak Goodsell & Strauchler

For more information, please contact Sofia Guerrero via e-mail at  or call 917-773-8834.