UrbanPlan Volunteers

Volunteer for Urban Plan. The time commitment is minimal; the impact powerful and long lasting

UrbanPlan Volunteers

ULI volunteers are an essential component of UrbanPlan. They make a significant impact in the classroom with minimal demands on their schedule.

Become an UrbanPlan Volunteer

Volunteers must commit to one 7-hour training that requires 4 hours of advance preparation. After the time spent training with ULI’s national UrbanPlan Director, Sophie Lambert, volunteers are eligible to participate as facilitators or “city council” members in a participating high schools. Trained volunteers can elect to participate in a facilitation, which typically lasts 45 minutes, or a “city council” day, which typically last between 90 minutes and 3 hours.

To enroll in the next training session, please contact Sofia Guerrero via e-mail sofia.guerrero@uli.org  or call 917.773.8834

Volunteers in the Classroom

Your Students:
High school seniors in economics and government classes.

Volunteers’ Roles:
Facilitator: Facilitators engage in Socratic interaction twice with the student teams over the course of the 15 class-hour project and prior to the presentations of proposals. This process is transformative to the students’ insights and capacities.

City Council: The “City Council” hears the student proposals, challenges them as would a City Council, and awards the development contract to the winning “developer.”

UrbanPlan Revised Curriculum – Classroom Volunteers FAQ Webinar
This video covers the modifications to the UrbanPlan curriculum that trained volunteers need to know to be effective Facilitators and City Council Members. This is not a training session for new volunteers or a refresher training for existing volunteers.