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‘Five Minutes With’ feat. Ken Glazer – Buckingham Properties

glazer-kenIn a new Instagram series, we took “Five Minutes With…” Ken Glazer, Managing Partner of Buckingham Properties who is the developer on ULI NY Awards Finalist Tower280 at Midtown in Rochester. He shares his thoughts on New York development and who helped him along the way to get to this point in his career.

Who was the most influential person who left a mark on your career and what was the best advice he or she gave you

Without a doubt, my mother and father, Larry and Jane Glazer. In September 2014, the Rochester community lost two of the good ones, and when I say good, I actually mean remarkable in so many ways. They epitomized the belief that our community is capable of much more, and that it was up to us to make it happen. They believed in themselves, believed in others, but most of all, they believed in me. I was blessed with two incredible parents, and despite the unimaginable void they left behind, their work, their attitude, and their beliefs, will never be forgotten.

What is your favorite building in New York that isn’t one of yours and why?

It’s not my favorite building, but my favorite place – Central Park, the most complete example of timeless architecture in New York, in my opinion. It’s simply an incredible urban park. I love how such a simple program successfully created an experience full of discovery and nature, all while providing an escape from the rigors of NYC.

What makes you proudest of your ULI NY Awards finalist?

Tower280 lost its visionary leader just when the project was beginning to move forward. So when you ask about my pride, it starts and ends with the incredible rallying cry that drove every member of this team to work with an unparalleled level of passion in order to overcome a loss that few project teams will ever experience. Tower280 started with a dedication to achieve greatness, and we are proud of how we worked together to honor our hero, Larry Glazer.

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